SkyHydrant™ Water Filtration Systems

An ultrafiltration solution, engineered for harsh, remote environments delivering safe clean drinking water using world class water treatment technology

Each SkyHydrant unit can produce up to 10,000 litres or more of clean water, every day. That’s enough water for the essential domestic needs of 500–1000 people. It treats most non-saline surface and ground waters using chemical-free filtration. SkyJuice are the industry innovators of patented “Passive Membrane” Technology combined with “Shake ‘n Flush” cleaning.  This novel application of membrane technology is immanently suitable for low cost potable water applications. This means

High-volume output  of SkyHydrant  units suits domestic and community use. It can be freestanding or wall-mounted. The unit can used standalone or configured into multi-unit banks to satisfy short- and long-term potable water needs.

Quick and easy to set up, SkyHydrant produces clean water immediately. There is no need  for technical skills or special knowledge  to set up, operate or maintain the unit.

  • High volume
  • Low capital cost; negligible ongoing costs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple, 20-minute setup
  • Hassle-free manual operation; easy cleaning
  • Filter lasts up to 10 years or more without replacement
  • Totally sustainable
  • No technical skills required for setup or maintenance
  • Freestanding or wall mounted
  • No power or chemicals required for filtration
  • Effectively filters ground and non-saline waters

System Specifications


Membane material

Membrane pore size (m)

Maximum recommended feed particle size (m)

Maximum recommended feed turbidity (NTU)

Filtered water turbidity (NTU)


Log reduction value for particles 2-5 m (LRV)

Minimum recommended differential pressure
0.5 m

Maximum recommended differential pressure
4.0 m

Nominal minimum capacity (litres per hour)

Nominal maximum capcity (litres per hour)
500 GEM and 1000 MAX

User Guide/
Data Sheet
Setup Options


SkyJuice™ Foundation Inc, is incorporated in NSW, Australia.  You can contact us using the online contact form or phone us direct.

SkyJuice™ Foundation Inc
Telephone: +61 438 880 621


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