SkyJuice has been helping communities around the world access safe, clean drinking water for the past 12 years.  We’ve learned a lot and had many successes.  It is time for us to begin to grow our capacity and we need your help to do it.  We can’t do this alone.  So we’re currently working on a Strategy to communicate what we’ve done, where we are planning to go into the future and how we plan to get there.  We want to build more connections with our supporters.  Have a read of some of our objectives that we are working towards.  What do you think?  Can you join in?  Do you want to join in some discussion?  Put your comments below or contact us via social media.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments.


  1. Communicate the value of SkyJuice solutions as the best choice for NGO’s seeking potable water solutions.

SkyJuice Technology has been established as a robust, superior option for most potable water solutions. The SkyJuice Foundation has researched, developed and tested the products extensively to ensure quality, usability, affordability and sustainability for developing communities.


  1. Expand our active network of 50 partners globally by 2020, by collaboratively developing and commissioning unique safe water outcomes.

SkyJuice Foundation works actively with 10 partners worldwide including Siemens Stiftung, OXFAM, Australian Water Association and Rotary International. Successful partnerships are integral for safe, water solutions and SkyJuice Foundation aims to foster this active network to five times the current size and expand our global reach.


  1. Promote and foster self sustaining Safe Water Kiosk solutions for low cost community water projects in all the 4 major continents and the installation of 50 kiosks by 2020.

Our SkyJuice Safe Water Kiosks have been installed across four countries to date. These kiosks are installed in central, high-use areas of the communities, such as schools, to maximise the benefits for the wider community. Our partners have innovative models and hybrid design variants. We wish to expand and share this collective knowledge by expanding the number of kiosks installed globally to at least 50 by 2020.


  1. Develop a humanitarian safe water mentoring program where tertiary students can actively participate and manage ongoing programs of global community water projects.

SkyJuice Foundation mentors tertiary students with the appropriate line of study, experience and interest to get involved in projects. We wish to expand this to a program where students can eventually manage their own community water projects. If you have a tertiary program, contact us. We are keen to assist with knowledge of out experiences and have input to your ideas.


  1. Aim to secure a continuous, yearly funding with motivated partners by 2020 to facilitate SkyJuice undertaking major showcase safe water projects.

SkyJuice Foundation aims to further strengthen the fundraising, marketing, crowd-funding and donation streams to facilitate major safe water projects. SkyJuice has recently undertaken a successful showcase project in Vietnam, in partnership with Australian Water Association and the Australian Government, with positive and encouraging results. More SkyTower installations are scheduled for installation in Vietnam in November 2017. Why not start a conversation with us on how we can assist you to meet your objectives.


  1. Participate in the conversation and actively lobby for recognition that the right to clean water must have a defined and developed plan independent of politics. 

Our philosophy is that old paradigms need to change. The NGO community has collectively done good work over a long period. We need to move away from the donor mentality and with embedded sustainable solutions. Clean water must be strongly advocated as a human right and for technology to be the catalyst. New solutions that promote empowerment, local ownership and decoupling from centralised aid need to be discussed and tested.


  1. Shoot for annual installations of at least 10,000 SkyHydrants by 2022 and 20,000 by 2025.

SkyJuice has installed over 6,000 units to date and each SkyHydrant unit can produce 10,000 litres of clean water daily. That’s 60 million litres of safe water that’s available right now, each and every day via SkyJuice installations around the world.

The reality is that this is just a drop in the ocean towards global outcomes. We are under performing. SkyJuice Foundation aims to increase the number of units installed dramatically to 20,000 units by 2025. We plan on leveraging off a pro-active partnership network and direct action by committed individuals.


  1. We will continue our conversation with the international desalination industry to sponsor a showcase, low-cost desalination water project installed for brackish water and seawater applications. 

Our technology is very effective on the majority on non-saline and non-brackish water sources. SkyJuice firmly supports “desalination” options to address the ever-increasing needs of global water supply to developing countries. Desalination is seen as a ”holy grail” but in reality, it is affordable for many scenarios. A dialogue with the desalination community is imperative to explore new hybrid solutions. The reuse of existing “aged” technology sets and coupled designs hold enormous promise. Why not contact SkyJuice if you have something to contribute


  1. We believe there is an enormous potential stockpile of USED Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes that might be configured or used for low-cost, potable solutions. We also want to encourage research institutions and universities to undertake humanitarian based design and sustainable desalination systems. Our brightest and best minds can progress this challenge. This is the time to encourage and innovative.

SkyJuice and QFS have been early innovators in this area. We have past and current projects with the UNSW, Australia, UNESCO Centre for Membrane research. There needs to be a serious conversation on how used Reverse Osmosis membranes can be used for low cost solutions – perhaps recycled for water filtration membranes or ground down for other uses etc.

Does your organisation have plans for a Reverse Osmosis project? Have you plans for the USED RO membranes? Do you know of any research being carried out already in this area (perhaps at your university or research organisation)? Let us know and join in on the conversation. We’d like to know how SkyJuice can work collaboratively to assist and enhance your outcomes.


  1. We think it’s time for a global water ambassador to be appointed to champion the message of safe water and the work that needs to be done to tackle the related issues. A trusted voice that endorses the work and actions of many can only enhance outcomes.

We are not alone aiming to influence and aid in solving large-scale, global water issues. A global water ambassador would have the potential to bring the complex issues of water crisis and access to safe water to everyday decision-making, to keep the discussion relevant and ongoing and to unite the various parties working in the field. How do you think this might work? And who would you nominate?



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