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SkyJuice Foundation actively partners with public, private and community organisations on the ground in developing countries, to provide safe, sustainable potable water supplies that are affordable and appropriate to the local communities they are installed in.

Since 2005 we have been involved in hundreds of projects, deploying over 6000 SkyHydrant water filtration units into countries affected by natural disasters and participated in the installation of over 25 Safe Water Kiosks for humanitarian relief.


What we do

  • Develop and manage partnerships with public, private and community sectors to facilitate onground installation and management of potable water solutions.
  • Supply potable water solutions specifically designed for developing country communities and disaster relief situations that are affordable, sustainable and easy to operate and manage.
  • Train partner organisation representatives in the technical details of installation and management of potable water solutions and establishment of micro-businesses.
  • Promote sustainable potable water solutions and projects to government, non government, individuals and other relevant groups to generate donations and investment.

Water solutions

SkyHydrant water filtration units

SkyHydrants are our most popular clean water solutions.  Each SkyHydrant is an ultrafiltration solution, engineered for harsh, remote environments delivering safe clean drinking water using world class water treatment technology.  Each unit can produce up to 10,000 litres or more of clean water, every day. That’s enough water for the essential domestic needs of 500–1000 people.

Almost 6000 SkyHydrant™ units have been distributed with major NGO’s, authorities and local deployment partners in Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the Pacific.

Read more about SkyHydrant water filtration units.

SkyBox water filtration units

Please note: the SkyBox is soon to be replaced with the SQUIRT – announcement coming soon.

The SkyBox™ used patented innovative technology, to ensure sustainable, safe drinking water. Compared to most conventional technologies, hollow fibre membranes offer proven performance, a long service life and simple maintenance and operations to ensure safe, reliable water, day after day.

The SkyBox™ water filtration unit provides safe potable water without power or chemi­cals. The unit is designed to operate simply under gravity, it is low cost, lightweight, portable and easy to set up, operate and maintain. The ultrafiltration (UF) membrane is robust, cleanable and has a long service life.

On average the SkyBox™ produces 20-25 litres of safe water per hour, sufficient for multiple families.

Safe Water Kiosks

Safe Water Kiosks provides potable water for an entire village, using membrane filters that work independently of the external power supply and process between 500 and 1,000 litres of drinking water per hour. Pre-fabricated kiosk modules assure building quality and can be flexibly deployed. To prevent water from being re-contaminated, new water containers are sold at the water kiosks or the community can bring their own containers to the kiosk and have them sanitised onsite prior to being filled with safe clean water.

These not only improve health conditions in the local community; flow on effects mean that healthy children can consistently attend school, and that healthy parents can work and maintain household income.

So far, we’ve installed almost 20+ Safe Water Kiosks around Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Read more about Safe Water Kiosks.

Where we work

Regions where projects have been carried out include Asia, Pacific, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, with further projects planned for Africa, South and Central America, the Pacific region and Asia.

Read more about project completed in Asia, Pacific, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East.


Talk to us about future project ideas for your local community.

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